The name derives from the Italian word for grape cluster, ‘grappolo’. Grappa – a.k.a. marc brandy – is distilled from the remains of grapes after they have been exploited for wine making. The purer and more lightly-pressed the grape skins, the finer the grappa. We only use top quality grape skins used to make South Tyrolean wines to obtain a smooth brandy with harmonious, seductive aromas.

Grappa Lagrein

Lagrein is South Tyrol’s most prestigious native red grape variety and yields full-bodied, very dark wines with spicy, inviting aromas of woodland berries which are captured in this single grape brandy. It is more discreet and elegant, more slender on the palate and less perfumed in aroma compared with Gewürztraminer, making it the ideal introduction for new-comers to grappa.

Grappa Gewürztraminer

It requires great skill to produce a superb quality brandy from lightly-pressed Gewürztraminer grapes after their juice has been extracted for winemaking. After all, a very small amount of alcohol binds incredibly large amounts of aroma substances contained in the grape skins and seeds. The result is a strong, pungent brandy with a successful combination of the typical Traminer aroma and pleasantly piquant hint of marc on the palate.