Fruit brandies are distilled directly from crushed or shredded and fermented fruit. The alcohol derives entirely from sugar substances contained in the fruit which is converted during the alcoholic fermentation by specially selected strains of ‘aromatic’ yeasts. Before the yeasts have completely finished their work the fruit ‘musts’ or mashes are transferred into stills which have been individually adapted to our distillery’s requirements. The fruit brandies are the result of a slow and painstaking distillation process. Certain fruit varieties are carefully pressed to obtain juice which is then fermented to yield extremely delicate and mellow fruit brandies. They are often subsequently aged in wooden casks to become round, golden yellow in colour with an exquisite aroma of vanilla.

Gewürztraminer Brandy

Made from fully ripe Gewürztraminer grapes, the grape brandy is distinguished by its intense varietal aroma, mellow mouth-feel and aromatic flavour. Compared with the Gewürztraminer marc brandy (distilled from grape skins) the Gewürztraminer brandy (distilled from wine) is more sweetly-scented and elegant on the palate, making an excellent aperitif and it goes especially well at the end of a meal with desserts.

Apple Brandy

Few fruit varieties exhale such a delicate and attractive aroma as an apple, and apple brandy captures the aroma substances of hundreds of kilos of ripe apples in just a few litres of distillate. Each drop of this distinguished potation produces a memorable taste experience which could hardly be more typical and lasting.

Gewürztraminer “Hefebrand”

(Brandy distilled from lees). The spent yeasts impart an especially mellow and harmonious aroma to this Gewürztraminer brandy. On the nose this is expressed by the scent of fresh yeasts combined with the elegantly fruity, persistent bouquet of Gewürztraminer, fruity and long on the palate.

Zwetschge (plum)

The plum has golden yellow flesh and deep blue skin. This fruit brandy creates an equally strong impression.] It displays an intensely fruity, sweet nose with hints of chocolate on the palate – the ultimate expression of the plum in a brandy.


This exceptional speciality owes its uniqueness to the concentration of many Williams pears’ aromas into only a small quantity of brandy. At an altitude of 2,950 feet above sea level the fruit ripens perfectly, accumulating intense flavours. The pears are rigorously selected and picked by hand. Temperature controlled fermentation ultimately ensures the superb characteristics of fresh fruit are preserved in the brandy.

Golden Delicious

An apple brandy distinguished by exceptional smoothness and a mellow aroma, reminiscent of ripe banana with a lingering and agreeable aftertaste of fresh, ripe apple.

Quins Brandy

The unique essence of quince with its intense, nearly perfumed, fragrance and lingering sweet aroma is captured in this pure quince distillate. It evolves into an indulgent pleasure in the glass as no other fruit can. An ideal aperitif or digestive that is best enjoyed pure and straight.