Superb-quality brandies and superlative grappa from our small private distillery at Tramin, the village which gave its name to the world’s favourite aromatic white grape variety, Gewürztraminer. Distilled with great care and passion – there’s (almost) nothing more to add

“The perfectly ripe fruit is harvested in our own orchards. Just bite into it to taste its potential.”

The quality of the fruit is the ‘heart’ of our brandies. Only fully ripe, fresh and healthy fruit is fermented, taking utmost care to retain its aromas and the distillation process begins before the fermentation has completely finished. The intense aromas derive from the exceptional altitudes at which the Plonhof orchards are sited, between 300 – 800 metres (985 – 2,625 ft), and South Tyrol’s unique climate with warm, sunny days and cool nights resulting in a long drawn-out ripening season. Here in the heart of the Southern Alps almost every wind contains a hint of the not-too-distant Mediterranean.

“Start the process slowly, that is, keep the distillation speed down. That is important.”

We take our time distilling. For it is only by painstaking attention during the distillation process using copper, steam-heated stills that the fruit aromas are preserved and transferred to the finished brandy. This is where the stillman’s skill is revealed. Unwanted substances are eliminated, the so-called ‘heads’ and other undesired oils, along with the ‘tails’ containing heavy substances, leaving only the ‘middle cut’ or ‘heart’. Only the very best part finishes up in the glasses of aficionados. Of course without any additives.

“I really wanted to do it years ago, but it took much longer than I had anticipated. Then in 2007 my ‘small-but-beautiful’ distillery at Tramin was completed. I finally fulfilled a very personal ambition, to distil the fruit grown in my family’s farmstead, the ‘Plonhof’, myself. — My motto? It’s rather simple: “quality and passion”. And to “stay small”. Hence the name ‘Private Distillery’.”

Hansjörg Weis